September 24, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  • In the endless dance of opinions, how do you follow what is right? Being right is controversial. What you or I might consider to be right may not agree with someone else beliefs. So, we may consider what is right for us, not in an absolute or intangible way.

    But how do we determine what is right for us? Sticking to our values! Our system of values is our core nest, the building where we can welcome our true self and let it live comfortably.

    In terms of putting our Values into Action to Transform our Life, I like to think of 3 Key Steps:

    Values, Commitments, Behaviours.


    Every building needs solid foundations and your values are exactly that! So, it's essential to identify them clearly before doing anything else. Your whole self will rely on them so make sure it knows exactly where to go. Is being truthful important for you? Do you need to be listened to or express your opinion? Are you a person of your words or prefer deeds? Every value matters! Make sure you know what your values are and protect them since they will in turn protect you. Especially when the going gets tough!


    With a strong foundation you need something to live in, in a practical sense. Your Commitments – in terms of literally how you allocate your time – are exactly that. This is the major structural work – the walls, windows and roof of your house. So allocate time appropriately. If your home life or relationship are key values, are you truly honouring that with your time? Is being physically fit and healthy important to you? In which case, what time are you setting aside each week for exercise? The choices we make during our lives indicate the route we want to follow, so make sure you commit time to what is important for your needs and beliefs.


    The sparkle of the house which makes it habitable day to day are the Fixtures, Fittings and Furniture! We built our foundations on values, we constructed the house around our commitments and we make it habitable, liveable with our day to day behaviours. What are the ways we translate these time commitments into small packets of actionable habits? Nothing says better to the world what you consider important than your behaviours.

  • Value financial security? Are you doing enough at work to protect that? Value your family? What regular action better connects you to them?

    Value your personal space? What habit or behaviour such as a walk or meditation is actually present in your calendar?

    So how do you make sure your house isn’t cracking under the pressure of earthquakes, floods and – sometimes unwanted – visitors? Harmony! When your values, your commitments and your behaviours are aligned, we will feel at peace, calm and so strong nothing can take us down.

    Here you’ll find how to fulfil your values and make happiness happen!

  • 1. Nice to Meet Your Values

    As I say, it's essential to our well-being and happiness if you can identify clearly your core values. Take a moment and write down what truly matters and what you truly believe in. Rate each value on a scale of 1 to 10. Do this exercise every couple of years. We are always evolving and so might our core values.

  • 2. Be Clear and Consistent

    Once your values are clear, it’s easier to make choices you won’t regret. Which time Commitments should you make in order to honour your values? What behaviours must you change to make it happen? Let’s say you value environmental conservation and rank it 8/10. Having the smallest carbon footprint, reducing waste and saving electricity may be some of your top priorities. Commit the time to achieving these goals and switch your behaviours accordingly. Wasting water singing in the shower won’t make you feel good!    

  • 3. Plan the Long Run

    Program your life choices according to your values. Making decisions based on your values, goals and beliefs, rather than on current circumstances will increase the probability of realising your projects and dreams. You value the love you have for your family 9/10 and eating healthy 7/10? Then you already know the RSVP to your next family dinner, even if you’re on a diet!

  • These 3 simple steps will help you align your values with your life. I’ve personally found this brings greater satisfaction, happiness and acceptance of my choices and my daily routine.

    My extra little tip? Be flexible! We humans are all different, and so are our values. Try be less upset if someone doesn’t share your need for a successful career or your optimistic approach to life. Act smart and surround yourself with like-minded people, but when your tribe isn’t with you make sure you are open to confrontation.

    Wishing you an amazing Values-driven day!