August 27, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  • Great leaders – in politics or business – have one common trait: they inspire people to exert extraordinary effort and passion in doing anything. And the most extraordinary part is that people who follow leaders embrace their mission like it was self-conceived!

    To be a true inspiration you’ll need to lead by example and establish great standards for your team.

    Here are some of my favourite tricks in the Leadership toolbox. Let’s see if you have all the cards to win your team’s esteem!

  • 1. Strategic Vision

    Be the captain of your ship! Give your team a clear objective to reach to keep them focused. And when people get distracted on the journey, re-adjust the route and keep navigating towards success. How? With a clear strategic vision!

    Objectives can only be accomplished by leaders who have a crystal-clear vision of what they want to achieve and are capable to share that vision with their teams. Speak of the big picture - know what the company can achieve now, in 5 and in 20 years. Inspire others and share your vision with them: passion is contagious!

    2. Goal Setting

    Goal setting is the first step towards your successful future: you need to have a very clear image of the target you want to hit! Play it SMART: your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. And once you have identified your outcome stick to it until you achieve it!

    3. Delivery Expertise

    Communicate your opinion, achievements and decisions at the right time. And when it is time to make difficult decisions, get comfortable with taking risks. Be enthusiastic and passionate, nobody likes to work for a bored boss or an apathetic employer.

    4. Measurement & Accountability

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

    So get your KPIs together and be on top of the ruthlessly. This guidance serves to motivate the unconscious and subconscious minds of your employees so keep it clear and strong.

  • 5. Communication

    Whether it’s time to listen to your team members’ needs or to deliver clear and specific instructions, always value your communication skills as gold! Be assertive when necessary and empathize with your people’s requirements. I always say that good Communication is free leverage in the system. So if you don’t follow what I mean, send me a message!

    6. Culture & Values

    Be kind with your words and manners, nobody is happy to follow a despotic and demanding boss. Be generous with your time and teachings, be reachable and keep a “open door” policy to make your team feel included and part of a common mission. Stay humble, don’t let your position of authority obfuscate your true purpose. Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty and do the “real” job: it’ll make you understand better how the mechanism works and reconnect with reality.

    7. People

    People are more willing to work hard if they have respect for the organisation and the people they work for, so make your kindness your business motto. Be grateful and praise team and individual accomplishments. Never forget your team is there to support you and that they are the pillars of your success. Know when it’s time to release the tension of a long week or month, and when you can throw out some silliness to keep things fun. Laughing discharges the fatigue of stress and long hours in the office. Be optimistic and resilient even in times of huge challenge.

    8. Personal Development & Well-Being

    Emotional intelligence is a great tool to manage people, but it’s achievable only towards self-awareness. So, don’t forget your primary job – as a leader and human being – is to work on yourself and have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and be. And try and create a culture where you enable your employees to do the same.

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed or demotivated if you don’t fit all the traits of the perfect leader! Remember that there’s always room for self-improvement in the house of truly committed people. Work on your weaknesses and embrace your best assets!

    Have a fabulous day,