July 11, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  • Tired of dealing with negative people in your office? Dreaming of how wonderful would it be if your boss and colleagues were always supportive, positive and energised? Well maybe it's time to stop complaining and instead use my 10 ways for YOU to be that amazing colleague and boss you are wanting to manifest!

    Of course, I understand work can be challenging and stressful, I see that every day with my clients! But once you learn how to keep a positive attitude, the benefits will be truly unfathomable!

    Maintaining a positive mindset at work will benefit your career, general well-being and may even guide you to that long-desired promotion.

    So here are my 10 tips to create the perfect workplace using just the power of your mind!

  • 1. Surrounded by happiness!
    Every aspect of your life influences your way of thinking and attitude towards the people around you. Surrounding yourself with positive people, spending time in nature, listening to relaxing music and uplifting podcasts, reading encouraging books and watch meaningful movies will all give you a boost and keep your mind strong.

    After all, we all need some fuel before spreading the world with positive energy!

    2. State Your Mission, Reach Your Goals

    Purpose is what keeps us motivated and thrilled in our daily chores, both for our professional and private lives.

    Setting a personal mission statement in your job will give you a positive direction and help you achieve your own goals.

    3. Build Your Routine

    Create your own routine and stick to it! Like an old friend, it will help you when you feel overwhelmed and give you a path to follow in stressful situations. 

    Personally, I find my morning routine is gold. I honestly find a high correlation between my morning routine, my productivity and happiness during the day! I encourage you to experiment and find the perfect formula that works for you

    4. Never Stop Learning
    What keeps your overthinking on a leash better than learning new things that will inspire you?

    Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also made the employee soooo much smarter

    5. Take Responsibility

    Assuming responsibilities for your actions is a sign of deep maturity and high professionalism.

    Acknowledge the situation and your personal ownership: it will help you analyse what went wrong with a clearer mind without useless and unrealistic blames or excuses. Taking responsibility also builds far deeper trust with your colleagues and boss.

  • 6. Teamwork

    A well-done job is never a solo gig! Give your team the accountability they earned and deserve while sharing the burden of tough times.

    In the 21st century, with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and the block-chain, leveraging those around you is the ONLY way to move forward in corporate life!

    7. Be Nice
    There will always be difficult days, impossible co-workers, threatening deadlines, and situations you can’t control. What you can control is how you decide to react to those bumps on the road. 
    Science tells us that Acts of Kindness not only make us happier and improve our life satisfaction (Buchanan & Bardi, 2009), but the memory of them creates the desire of doing something kind again (Aknin, et al., 2011). 
    So, if you start being nice to that impossible colleague who under no circumstances deserves it, miracles will really start to happen! For sure, no-one will be able to escape the cycle of positivity and generosity you started!

    8. Every Word Counts

    Yes, avoiding swearing, insults and gossip are the basics of a civilized environment. But words are super powerful instrument and the structure of our language affects our thinking and view of the world (Sapir & Whorf, 1979), our perception of the world is therefore delineated by our language. 
    Try to use positive words to describe situations and people, avoid negative connotations associated with strong negative emotions like hate and fear. For example, consider being “excited by new opportunities” rather than feeling “overwhelmed with new tasks.” From a bosses perspective, it makes a HUGE difference.

    9. Spoil Yourself
    Create simple, daily rewards to increase the quality of your work and life, instead of anxiously and frustratingly waiting for your next vacation to alleviate the pressure of work.
    Are you finished with those boring reports of the month? Go for a nice walk during your lunch hour. Had a long call with an unreasonable, demanding client? Have yourself a cup of your favourite tea!
    Your days and weeks will flow faster and calmer and you will avoid the negative thinking connected with stress.

  • 10. Smile!

    I could write a whole book on the benefits of smiling and perhaps one day I will!

    A great smile is not only good for your physical and mental health, but it is also a fabulous tool to construct a relaxed environment even when things seem to be at their worst. Smile, smile and smile!

    Now you have all the tricks you need to improve your working environment, what are you waiting for? Change your mindset and change your reality, one day at the time!

    Have a fabulous, positive day,