• Here are some Resources my team and I put together to both celebrate International Women’s Day and support Women in the Workplace.

    There’s an EBOOK, an INFOGRAPGHIC, COACHING and even an ONLINE PROGRAMME all dedicated to leading the change!

    We very much feel this is ongoing conversation so please do get in touch with your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

  • I’ve put together some of the key scientific facts that demonstrate the importance of Women in the Workplace in a fun little infographic here

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  • Because I care about the practical application of ideas my team and I have also written an ebook – ‘The Top Ten Tools for Women in the Workplace’ which for a short period you’ll be able to download and share for FREE! 

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  • Know a Women in Business who could use some Coaching? I’m offering Complimentary Coaching sessions for the best 5 answers to our little poll here

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  • We’re also going to run a ‘Women in the Workplace’ Online Course later this month, so if you’re interested please register your interest here!

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