• Love is in the Air! Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day!

    It’s the most romantic day of the year! That annual opportunity to show our deep adoration, kindness and love for our nearest and dearest.
    But for many of us Valentines Day has lost its sparkle. Maybe we’re not surrounded by any nearest and dearest. Perhaps it’s a time of difficulty,  stress or deep sadness. Or it’s just that we view Valentines as merely another opportunity to pump up consumerism by spending foolish sums of money on dozens of red roses at 3 times the regular price. 
    Even if we’re not sold on the idea we might still use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to simply do something kind, be extra compassionate or forgive someone with whom we’re on challenging terms. And of course the best person we can be kind to, be compassionate towards or forgive, is ourself.
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  • Self Worth - Love is in the air

    I’m privileged to work with many people from all walks of life, and often some of the most driven and successful people on planet. And what I notice is that many of the barriers preventing us from living well, being more successful and achieving what we want in all aspects of this human experience, come from a lack of self compassion, acceptance, forgiveness. Most of us, and myself most definitely included, have spent vast periods of our lives beating ourselves up, putting ourselves down and generally treating ourselves more malevolently than our own worse enemy.
    Sounds absurd and yet familiar doesn’t it?
  • Why is this important?- Love is in the air

    While we are in, what in psychological or Coaching terms, is known was ‘Self 2’ – the critical, deprecating, diminishing self we are perpetuating exactly that.

    Sending our subconscious and unconscious repeated signals that we’re not doing well, that we don’t deserve success and that we’re not worthy of happiness, fulfilment and love. Indeed much of the work that goes on day to day in the helping professions can be traced back to overcoming this extraordinary prevalent lack of self worth and acceptance.

  • What to do?

    So here for Valentines Day, which happens also to be my birthday, I’m sharing with you a short meditation to help us beat ourselves up less,  be kind and cherish ourselves, forgive and love ourselves more often, more deeply, more profoundly. Meditation can be downloaded >>here<<
    This will enable us to spend more time in Self one, be more productive, effective, happy and successful in all areas of life. I’ve used it for myself, I’ve used it with numerous clients and I’d like you to use it too.
    It’s short and sweet and easy to listen so please enjoy and feel free to share it with those who need it most. If you practice this meditation for 40 days it will truly transform your relationship with yourself forever.
    Happy Valentines Day!