• BLOG | International Women’s Day: Why I don’t believe in Gender Equality in the Workplace

    February 28, 2019 | Blog | Andrew Stead
  • My mission is to make the world a more enjoyable, happier, balanced place. I believe it’s our human right. 

    Evidence tells us that over the last century humanity has grown significantly healthier and wealthier, yet in general our well-being and mental health have been left behind.

    And there’s nowhere more relevant to each of us than of course the Workplace. Again, data confirms that worker insecurity is at an all-time high and that 1 in 3 of us are considering leaving our jobs. Just imagine the hundreds of billions of dollars this costs our governments, businesses and people each year. 

    Hence a big part of my mission is to transform the way organisations relate to their people. Workplace well-being is one of the most important areas we can improve to have a global impact on individuals whatever their age, race or gender.  

  • So what does that have to do with Women in the Workplace?

    Well, in short, women are better at this mental health, resilience, empathy stuff than us men. Science squarely tells us so and I’ve created an Infographic to highlight the key areas where women typically fare better than men. It's not just the soft stuff. Evidence tells women are ahead in education, communication, physical immunity, teamwork, investing and leadership to name but a few!  

    And this has been very firmly my personal experience. Whether that be working in the heart of giant global corporations, small to medium entrepreneurial businesses or while I’ve been sharing my Well-being and Resilience work around the world. 

    Hence, it's my belief that Women are essential in transforming our workplaces, and indeed our world, to be more productive, powerful and profitable.

    Having more Women at all levels of our organisations isn’t a nice to have. It isn’t about numbers or ratios. It’s about ideology and true objectives. What lives do we want to lead? What do we want our world to look like? And leave behind?

    If we really want to lead healthier, wealthier, happier, more balanced and fulfilled lives, building more prosperity for our children and grandchildren we need to drop this notion of equality in the workplace. We should be aiming to have a far more feminine dominated planet going forward. Not 50-50, but 80-20. If we aim for that we may begin to get close.    

    In doing so, it’s my opinion, that we will radically transform our human experience and well-being for the better.