Mental health awareness is a cornerstone for removing the stigma around mental disorders and helping us all work through them better. I’m using a comprehensive A-Z approach to review some of the most common human issues as we embrace our struggles to approach our mental health with acceptance, education and positivity.Anxiety disorders cause a sense of worry and stress characterized by feelings of nervousness and tension. They are actually the most common mental illness, affecting 31% of all adults in the US at some point in their life and 7% globally. Women are twice as likely to have [...]

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    BLOG | Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

    There’s no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most disruptive years for global Mental Health in the history of humanity. As individuals, families, teams, and, of course, collectively. Probably not since World War II has our universal mental health been put under so much pressure. When it comes down to it, whether one wants to call it well-being, our happiness, resilience or mental health, ultimately that is the spectrum upon which I work and support people. So, against the back drop of what I believe will be a veritable ticking time bomb of mental health issues facing humanity in Q4 [...]

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    BLOG | The Success of Apple Inc

    Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things. You have to pick carefully – Steve Jobs Apple is perhaps one of the most iconic brands that has ever existed and the loyalty of its costumers is remarkable. Back in 2001 I was totally smitten with my first iPod that completely transformed the way I could listen to music. And I developed into an Apple fan for many years since. Having said that I just ditched my iphone!! Once switching to Apple, many of us never go back. iPhones, iPads and MacBooks have become parts of modern pop culture and truly forged it to what it is now.  The latest [...]

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    BLOG | 7 Science Based Productivity Mistakes

    Here we go again: today you’re going to be productive! And yet, it’s already noon and you don’t know where time has gone?! Instead of getting stressed over your long list of to-do items that have been sitting on your desktop for weeks, how about checking out my simple rules of what not to do?!. In my view, here are the worst productivity mistakes we should all endeavour to avoid!You get to the office and you think you’ll have the whole day to be focused, productive and efficient. Wrong! We always over-estimate our actual time that’s available to be truly [...]

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    BLOG | Leadership: the Best Update You Can Make for Your Productivity

    Forget about the latest office software update. Or migrating your entire technology systems into a very neat, modern cloud format to make everyone’s life easier. Want to know what really makes the difference when it comes to productivity? Being a Leader is way harder that it seems: every day I meet people struggling in their role and every day I guide them towards their best solution. Take a sneak preview how CLICK HERE. Here are my best methods for Leaders to dramatically increase productivity:I’ve blogged on it before and said it uncountable times so why not repeat it again:[...]

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    BLOG | 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity by Working Less

    We’ve all dreamed of working only the 9-5 and having the time to put our feet up, yet still getting everything we need to get done done, right? Forget long days and even nights at the office, catching up on some paperwork that never seems to slow. Nowadays we really can work less and produce more and here’s a few tips how!If you want to save time and sweat in front of the computer you need to be both ruthless and smart. So start by using SMART goals! Goal setting has beneficial effects on productivity (Pritchard et al., 1988), and many other aspects of life I’ve shared [...]

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    BLOG | Energy, Body and Breath Work for Trauma Release

    We’ve all experienced trauma. It’s part of our human condition and it's impossible to escape it, large or small. We shouldn’t compare traumas, either with ourselves or others. We should simply try to be nice our self and one another in the process of alleviating or removing them!Trauma is the emotional response we experience when we suffer a dramatic event. Perhaps a broken arm, a car accident or the loss of a loved one. Symptoms of trauma fluctuate: from nightmares to flashbacks, feeling constantly in danger, stuck or on the edge. In some cases it can be so extreme that it [...]

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    BLOG | Become Super-Human with Breathwork Techniques!

    For as long as we humans have lived, we have dreamed of becoming Super-Human! Think of the legend of Icarus and how he managed to fly. Now, with Breathwork Techniques, we truly can. The roots of many of these practices are in India. Pranayama is the ancient science of Breath that controls the movement of our prana, or life force, that the Chinese call qi.  They use breathing techniques that expand our seed vibration and connect us more closely with the whole universe. Don’t be put off by the strange words or cryptic concepts. I can assure you from personal experience, that exploring[...]

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    BLOG | A Beginners Guide to Feeling the Energy in Your Body

    While I know from my 4th form physics classes with Mr Porter that energy can’t be seen, we all know it’s there! Nor can we see love yet we can readily witness the effects it has on ourselves and others. We can certainly feel love and might even experience its physical consequences. And when it comes to internal and external energies it works in exactly the same way. But to begin with we might think energies are just be a bit trickier to identify and feel. Perhaps you can already sense the subtle energies in your body, or in the people and places around you? This feeling could [...]

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    BLOG | What is Body Work and How Can We Use It?

    Just think of it… in centuries gone by, the only remedies we humans sought for our physical or mental ills were magic pills from our witch doctors! In the past 150 years modern medicine has made quite extraordinary progress, which I’ve touched on before. And to tell you the truth, I simply wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for several interventions of doctors and surgeons over the years. But nowadays, as the costs of healthcare increase exponentially, there’s a healthy trend towards alternative cures and even prevention.     Indeed, ancient [...]

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