• BLOG | Resilient Leadership Amidst the Corona Crisis?

    Leadership in the time of Coronavirus! Being a Leader can be more dramatic than a Gabriel García Márquez novel. At the moment I’m taking any number of calls from leaders struggling to make sense of these events, struggling in their role, and struggling with their personal fears, whatever they may be. This is the privilege of doing what I do, supporting the very top leaders and organisations around the world. Leadership has many facets and right now we are all having to face one of the most challenging - leading in tough times. Uncertain times. Unprecedented times. Yet these[...]

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    BLOG | Corona Silver Lining

    We’ve all read the estimations of economists and governments, both the sanguine and the dramatic. The potential loss of life, loss of spirit, loss to our economies, businesses and bank accounts.  But before we get scared or even paranoid about the future, let’s take a moment to think. Is the future post-corona so dark and gloomy as it seems? As our leaders and media would have us believe? In my opinion the light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter! Commentators have already described Corona as a once in a lifetime event. Several standard deviations from any norm. [...]

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    BLOG | How to Save Your Business from Corona Disaster

    In times of great chaos and instability, it’s perfectly normal to feel scared and disoriented. The Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences have been hitting us hard, we’re all more anxious and stressed. We feel vulnerable regarding our physical and mental health, but also about our financial stability. Whether you’re employed in a multi-national or running your own small business, the responsibilities we all have to those around us – our teams, our customers, our broader stakeholders – are significant and hence our ability to let our concerns, worries or fears get [...]

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    BLOG | In Times of Crisis, Face your Finances

    Understandably, Covid-19 has created a state of general panic. That panic primarily relates to both the fear of getting sick or losing loved ones, but also the very threat to the global economy, to our businesses and organisations, and to our own jobs, careers and livelihoods. All of us, however wealthy we may be, and whatever resources we may command, have reason to be concerned. And of course, for the vast majority of us, the financial implications are extremely real. Many of us around the world have already been laid off from work, if not made redundant. Many more are being forced to work [...]

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    BLOG | Corona Burnout – What is it and how can we avoid it?

    Burnout is a syndrome typically associated with high pressure working environments and  chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed (WHO, 2019). The current global situation generated from the pandemic spread of Covid-19 is cause of extreme stress and overall anxiety. Burnout is playing a massive role among people who are fighting the virus on the front line. And even if you’re not a nurse or working in a factory producing respirators, the pressure is rising and the risk is to be blown away with it. If you’ve - sadly - lost someone or you’re worried [...]

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    BLOG | My Working From Home (WFH) Best Practices

    Social distancing’ and ‘Self-isolation’ aren’t merely the latest voluminous hashtags. They’re the critical behaviours we’re all needing to rapidly adopt for our species to adapt and survive! Yet, of course, the biz-show must go on as best we can.  And for many businesses that means adopting an apparently simple solution: smart working. But as a person who’s smart worked for almost 15 years, let me tell you, after the honeymoon period wears off, unless you’re savvy and smart, it's not always the fun it's cracked up to be! Like many others [...]

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    BLOG | Corona Economics - the Risks and Opportunity

    Our Global Economy is a Corona Victim. But for How Long? This unprecedented health scare has had similarly unprecedented economic repercussions, impacting individuals, communities, businesses, organisations, governments and nations.  No-one is untouched, economically or financially at this point. Corona is already becoming a grand leveller.And whether we like to acknowledge it or not, most of the experts are just as disordered and perplexed. At this stage, while there is plenty of speculation, there’s no meaningful clarity on what the true impact might be on our economies and our [...]

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    Mental health issues are more common that we think. As part of our human experience, we’ve all suffered some form of mental distress. And in that, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Nothing. Mankind has been struggling with mental health issues way before we started being open about it, and nowadays – finally – the stigma is at least a little less. Everybody hurts, and celebrities and well-known personalities of today and yesterday most certainly aren’t immune. Mental issues are various and different, so let’s take a look at the most common ones[...]

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    MENTAL DISORDERS AFFECT ONE IN FOUR PEOPLE (World Health Organisation, 2019) Each year about one in 25 adults experiences a SERIOUS mental illness that leaves them permanently physically damaged (SAMHSA Survey, 2018). Mood disorders are the most common cause of hospitalisation for all U.S. citizens under age 45 (HCUP – Fast Stats, 2015).   Everybody hurts. And yet, the stigma and the shame connected to mental illness still remains significant. While man has landed on the Moon, performed complex key-hole surgery and created robots, when it comes to mental health, [...]

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    Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness - Seneca We humans are herd animals! Since the beginning of time we have been living and growing in communities. Our brains are biologically wired to connect socially and to connect to personal pain. In fact, the pain we all feel from isolation, rejection and loss is real pain! (Lieberman, 2013). We thrive and prosper among other people and kindness and compassion are fundamental elements of any happy relationship. Evidence illustrates how in fact we actually need social interaction more than even food and shelter (Sato, [...]

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