• When you lost sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart Katsura Hoshino

    Do you feel clear on your human path? Is there something, anything greater or higher? Modern society leads us to pursue more and more material objects, but what about the subtle or immaterial things? Satisfaction of our basic needs is extraordinary for one simple reason, and I’m not talking about driving a fancy car or fine dining. When we have sufficed those basic needs only then do we have the genuine opportunity to explore our minds and hearts for deeper and longer.

    Though we may love to avoid them, our brain is designed to ask big questions. And then demand the answers! Over many years, in my personal and spiritual journey of self-discovery I am constantly questioning what we see and understand and the importance this has on our lives.

    My personal reckoning is that discovering our own individual Meaning and Purpose enhances our lives in so many ways. And very often the science is right there to support it. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • 1. Deeper Self-Awareness

    Discovering what we’re meant to be on this planet and do on this planet comes as part of a personal journey of discovery and self-enquiry. The simplest opening act of sitting with ourselves and asking “What is my Higher Purpose?” give us a deeper perception of our life and meaning. We have finally opened Pandora’s box!

  • 2. Greater Happiness

    Ever noticed how people with religious belief are often the happiest around? It used to drive me nuts, but after many years I opened my mind both to the science, and to spirituality.

    The reason? Religious folk have found a life purpose through their belief system in something greater. And the research is absolutely clear. A deep sense of meaning and purpose, especially within a religious belief system, reduces anxiety, paranoia and obsession (Galek et al., 2015).

  • 3. Increased Satisfaction

    Whatever we’re doing in our daily life, we feel more satisfied and pleased by both the large and small things when we truly believe in it. Personal fulfilment and satisfaction are directly proportional to how clear our life purpose is. Science-proven! (Hughes et al., 2018)!

  • 4. Boosted Productivity

    The perfect way to be productive? Get into the flow! Being ‘in flow’ creates a series of positive reactions in our body and mind. At times we may feel as if in an alternative reality - a reality where we’re expressing our true colours. Being in ‘flow’ stimulates greater serenity and clarity, enhances concentration and intrinsic motivation, develops extraordinary productivity and stops the time passing (Csikszentmihayi, 2004).

    Just imagine what extraordinary things we might achieve, once we discover our true purpose!

    Want to learn more about the concept of flow? [ Read my full article on FLOW here! ]

  • 5. Self Love

    Manifesting our purpose, once we have discovered it, is an act of nothing other than true self-love. And from that, a first step towards more meaningful and authentic relationships - personal and professional. I’ve learned from experience, with myself and others, self-love is TOUGH. So, consider tackling it the softer, gentler way through meaning and purpose!

  • 6. Contagious Inspiration

    Being close to someone who has found true purpose is absolutely inspiring! Watch them lit up and all powerful. Let others infect you with their truly contagious inspiration to help you find your route. Then spread the inspiration yourself!

  • 7. Greater Wealth

    Think Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington or even Stephen King! What distinguishes these extremely different personalities? For sure they found their purpose in life and with it, eventually, a healthy bank balance! Each of them had to stick through rough and smooth when their goals were turned upside down. But in the end, success, happiness and purpose are an amazingly powerful triumvirate!

  • 8. Career Growth

    Scientifically, life purpose and meaning are highly associated with overall job satisfaction (Lee et al., 2017). When we work at a job we love, for a business we believe in, surrounded by a team we respect, we can’t help being passionate about what we do day to day. When we find our purpose being met we feel more and more committed to it. Commitment leads to greater enthusiasm, opportunities to skill build and develop deeper, stronger relationships. Find a job that fits your life purpose and your career will flourish like never before!

  • 9. Persistent Resilience

    Identifying and working towards our purpose makes us more Resilient, increasing our ability to bounce back when times get tough. We develop greater gratitude and perspective and thus are more able to fight the like challenges none of us can avoid. One study on advanced cancer patients demonstrated how having purpose – often family, pets, loved ones – dramatically increases resilience and improves attitude towards challenges (Kissane et al., 2019).

  • 10. Longer Life

    The icing on the cake! Happier, wealthier, inspired, satisfied and more resilient people have many, many more reasons to live longer! Evidence confirms the importance of a sense of purpose in promoting health and well-being (Windsor et al., 2015). After all, if you enjoy the ride, you want to stay longer, right?

    Ready to stick your head out there and create your happiest, wealthiest and meaningful life?

    Have an incredible purposeful day,