• In my last post I examined the ugliness; now let’s consider the potential beauty that the 4th Industrial Revolution might bring!


    Easier Communication

    Social media has made the world a smaller place, globally providing everyone a platform to communicate and voice opinion. 30% of the global population uses social media to communicate and acquire global news and information. That trend ain’t reversing anytime soon.  

    Faster Deliveries

    Automated delivery systems employing robot pilots has already begun to redefined the online shopping landscape. The ease of access to remote locations has been greatly improved by which even small and non-urban areas can profit from an economic standpoint.

    More Accessible Education

    Education and information access is key for the betterment of mankind as a whole. Super computers for information storage, high speed networks for information transfer and mobile device for information exchange all provide paths that enable greater information access across the globe.

    Forget about Small Tasks

    Just close your eyes and imagine all those rubbish tasks you can’t bear doing are dealt by Siri’s bigger brother! Large scale data handling, analysis and interpretation will also provide new insight and understanding, opening the doors for solutions to previously unsolvable problems as well as provide more innovative solutions.

    Medical Progress

    Medical and biotechnology advances will further improve our health and drives yet more increases of our lifespan. Progress in neuroscience can lead to human-computer interfacing and increase our intelligence or provide the opportunity to encounter life in a virtual world. Just imagine what a human-machine combo with a robot’s capability and a human’s decision-making skills could do.

    Cities Designed around You

    Automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence has created automated vehicles which soon enough will mean redesigning roads, architecture and town planning for more human-centric and hopefully more eco-centric living arrangements.

    Have a fabulous positive day,