• Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things. You have to pick carefully – Steve Jobs

    Apple is perhaps one of the most iconic brands that has ever existed and the loyalty of its costumers is remarkable. Back in 2001 I was totally smitten with my first iPod that completely transformed the way I could listen to music. And I developed into an Apple fan for many years since. Having said that I just ditched my iphone!!

    Once switching to Apple, many of us never go back. iPhones, iPads and MacBooks have become parts of modern pop culture and truly forged it to what it is now.  The latest official data shows us that Apple users number some 1.5 billion (Apple, 2020) with a business valued at pretty close to one trillion US dollars. Pretty easy when you sell more than 30 Macs per second (Business Insider, 2016)

    But I wonder what has made Apple so productive, so popular and so successful that owning one of their products has become a status symbol across different generations for the last 30 years? Here are my non-expert thoughts!

  • 1. Welcome to the Future

    Apple products come from the future! Historically it's products have always at least 2 years ahead of the competition. The best example was the first iPhone: released in 2007, it entirely controlled the market for 2 solid years before the competition evolved with their own smartphones. Designing and producing products so long ahead has increased the value of Apple compared to most companies.

    Creativity is highly appreciated and it’s the main stay of Apple’s persistent and unbeatable innovation. If you want to guarantee success in your business, project your creativity into the future and anticipate the needs of your costumers and users.

  • 2. Performance

    Apple didn’t invent anything. Their engineers and designers took basic technological ideas, digested them and created better versions under the Apple brand. Computers, MP3 players, phones and watches existed long before Apple released theirs! Apple products are just the result of improved performance and better development strategies. Imagine something you’re using already, and you try to improve it in every single way you can.  

    You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: just make sure your ideas are adding exceptional value to an existing concept. Take what already works and make it fabulous!

  • 3. Simplicity

    Visionary founder Steve Jobs may have revolutionised the concept of the computer, music player, phone and even TV, but his goal was always the same: make our life easier. Remember the days you left the house with your phone to stay in touch, your music player to keep you entertained and your camera to immortalise the memories? And now, take your smartphone, et voilà!

    Apple products have a linear and simple design, minimal packaging and are so easy to use that a toddler can play with an iPad and often times get better scores than me! Sometimes less is more: don’t over-think and over-analyse your ideas. An uncomplicated concept, if well developed and finely perfected, can be way more profitable than a very complex one.   

    Apple may well rely on it's great costumer service, sophisticated products, engaging presentation and astonishing branding, but the real secret of its success is its deep interest in delivering a better experience for its consumers. They understood the trick: we’re all a little self-centred and what we really want is one thing: to be at the centre of the universe! And right at the centre of the Apple Universe there, it is - the consumer!

    When we truly imagine our ideal costumers, engage and speak their language, our success is always granted.


    Have a fantastic day,