• We all know that staying fit and healthy is easier said than done. We’ve all been there: setting goals, trying new diets, exercises, meditations and generally struggling to stay on track just with the aim of improving our health and well-being.

    As we face these challenges a bit of inspiration can help. Understanding that we’re not alone, that others have overcome the same struggles.

    So here’s a beautifully inspiring story that may help you feel more positive about your physical health. Keep on reading and let me know what you think!


    “If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything”– Marty McFly

    In the early 90s Michael J. Fox was one of the most talented and valuable actors on the planet. Recently married and new father of a cute baby boy, the world was at his feet. 

    Then one morning in 1991 his little pinkie finger started shaking. Michael blamed the previous nights party but when the trembling didn’t stopping, he took himself to a doctor. The startling diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease. 

  • His initial reaction was muted. He went home and checked the medical encyclopaedia with his wife. The usually affected people in their 50s or later, but he was 29. It couldn’t be true. 

    For 7 years he hid the facts and denied his diagnosis. He took his meds, but every time he was feeling a bit better he told himself and his wife that the disease was over.  He drank harder to cope, but nothing helped the onset of the condition.  

    Eventually, he accepted the condition and honestly presented the truth to the world. And this is when everything changed.

    In 1998 Michael publicly announced his condition - and 2 years later he foundedThe Michael J. Fox Foundationto help fund research, especially on stem cells. The foundation has now raised more than US$ 450 million, and is committed not only to raising awareness of the disease but also to finding a cure. 

    Michael continued acting, published three books, and has shared his experience all over the world.  What is most incredible about his story is the positive and fun attitude, the pure commitment and resilience he has repeatedly demonstrated over his 28 year journey.

    "I don't care. If I don't get food in my mouth, I'm still happy. If my pants are round my ankles, as long as I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, I'm happy. I'm worried about keeping my hair, not how it's combed.”

    Take inspiration from one of the world’s most accomplished actors and have a great day!