December 6, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  • Sleep is the most under rated basic need in modern society. We need sleep as we need food and water, but somehow we think we can manage to have a healthy life on only 5 hours sleep a night.

    Sleep deprivation is as harmful as malnutrition, but its consequences are slow, subtle and devious, and before we realise it, we are putting our lives in mortal danger. Don’t let your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) mess up your sleep cycles!

    I’d like to share what the clever scientists tell us about the mortal risks of insufficient sleep.

  • 1. Increased Cancer Risk

    BOOM. Chronic sleeping disorders are associated with increased risk of cancers, in particular breast cancer, prostate cancer and oral cancer (Fang et al., 2015)

  • 2. Hearth Disease & Stroke

    Evidence suggests insomnia contributes to high blood pressure and consequential heart failure, stroke and heart attack (He et al., 2017). The first priority of a healthy heart is a good night of sleep.

  •  3. Depression & Suicide

    Numerous mental health issues are strongly linked to poor sleep and sleeping disorders. People suffering sleep disorders report higher rates of depression (Hayley et al., 2017) and are more likely to commit suicide (Bernert et al., 2014) even after treatment for depressive symptoms. To be happy and healthy, your brain needs to rest and reboot!

  • 4. Weak Immune System

    Our immune system needs a regular reboot to produce protective and infection-fighting hormones that keep us healthy and strong. If we don’t sleep enough the process is compromised and our defences get weaker (Lange et al., 2010).

  • 5. Diabetes

    Prolonged lack of sleep affects glucose metabolism and increases the probability of developing Type 2 Diabetes (van Leeuwen et al., 2010). If you have a history of diabetes in your family, extra sleep will help prevent triggering your genes!

  • 6. Weight Gain

    Poor sleep makes you fat. If you’re trying to lose weight, running on the treadmill and avoiding sweets won’t work alone. Short sleep duration has been associated with weight gain (Patel and Hu, 2012). The shocking science is that if you’re not getting enough sleep you’re 89% more likely to become obese or overweight (Cappuccio et al., 2008) since sleep-deprived individuals are more prone to eat more and make worse food choices (Markwald et al., 2013).

  • 7. Accident Prone

    Sleeping is important for your safety and others’. You’re 3 times more prone to be involved in a car accident if you don’t have enough sleep (National Sleep Foundation, 2019). That important report on your desk can wait until tomorrow, you don’t need to finish it at 4 am…

    Now you know how harmful sleep deprivation can be, make sure tonight you’ll have a calm and restoring snooze!

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    Wishing you a great night sleep,