• I knew a boy at school who wanted to be a fireman. How lucky to have that clarity! By the time I left college I was lucky to have that clarity. Looking back, less so about the choice itself – I wanted to be a trader in an Investment Bank!

    Whenever I changed career, location or life situation it's always come from a position of self-awareness about what is serving me and what is not.

    Are you waiting for your call? Finding your true purpose in life can be challenging and it can take time. Months, if not years. Like always, it’s all about balance. So my advice, having searched diligently for a while – is try not to be in a rush. And while you must also trust the process, don’t sit back and relax waiting for some magical revelation!

    If you want to discover that particular clarity, the rule is simply one! Invest in Your-Self: read, discover new things, take time to understand your priorities, listen to your intuition, and set goals.

    Don’t get discouraged if you feel it’s taking too long, you’ll understand your purpose exactly at the right time, in the right place.

    And if you want to help the process, ask yourself these simple questions.


  • 1. What Am I Good At?

    Discovering your strengths will set the first step towards your true purpose. Be honest with yourself. Don’t try to be too humble or too arrogant: this isn’t a competition. Perhaps you’re good with languages, or you have the gift of being a people person? Embrace your nature and your talents and write them all down.    

  • 2. What Do I Enjoy Doing?

    Like to be surrounded by people? Or perhaps you’re obsessed with organising things or events? Make a list of your favourite activities and observe if there’s a common thread. Think of specific job roles, tasks, situations, people, places, Begin to shape your life and work habits around these.

  • 3. What Do I Care About?

    Ask yourself – ‘What are my core values?’ Do you care about wealth? About your family? Or a particular idea? Your values are a critical part your life so start to live by them. Learn how to align your life with your values and not the other way round. For more on values, here’s what I wrote about putting them into action. [CLICK HERE]

  • 4. What Are My Current Priorities?

    Once you’ve identified what are the aspects of life you care about most, order them in terms of importance. Then get ruthless with this priority list – actively demote and declutter the rest! Getting rid of To Dos, tasks, situations and people that don’t serve you anymore will cultivate your life and cultivate your soul!

  • 5. What Am I Motivated By? Or What Frustrates Me?

    Your body never lies. Sit and listen to it. Observe it like a scientist. What makes your body feel energised and joyful? What makes you feel low energy, tired and grumpy? Make two different lists and compare them with your current activities. Oh so you’d like to make some adjustments??!

  • 6. Who Are My Role Models?

    We all have heroes, wherever they may come from. Identify those who deeply inspire you, and why exactly that is. A great uncle, wise leader, Mother Theresa or Elvis Presley. It really doesn’t matter! Recognise which qualities your role models have and put them into action for your own life and goals.

    7. Who Are My Tribe?

    Find Your Tribe! One of the single most important things I’ve found when I’ve changed tack has been finding like-minded people who share a similar vision. It's not always easy when you make a big change and often your existing friends or business colleagues are simply not on the same path. Being surrounded by supportive people and energy is fundamental for growth and purpose. Don’t settle for anything less than who you truly feel right for you.

    Write down your findings and review them regularly with an open mind! Now you’re ready for true change. And if you’re still confused, book in a short call with me!! [CLICK HERE]

    Have a magnificent, meaningful day!