• BLOG | Communication Essentials: The Best Communication Tools – Part 2

    February 15, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  •  Here’s part 2 of my Best Communication Tools. I love sharing this first one whenever I get the opportunity 



    NVC is one of my favourite tools in the universe! I find it useful for reducing the possibilities of exploding a potentially volatile situation (one of my specialities!!), for expressing my needs and generally making better connections with other people.

    Overreacting during confrontation is extremely common. But why? We have the tendency to take things personally and to express unnecessary judgements.

    Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication technique is based on the idea that all human beings are capable of compassion and they regress to violent means of communication only when they are unable to identify more effective strategies for meeting their needs.

    NVC model is short, sharp and simple:


    1. Fact: objective observation without any evaluation or judgement (“when I see that you are ignoring me”)
    2. Feelings: emotions and sensations (“I feel frustrated and angry”)
    3. Needs: expression of what are your needs (“Because my need for attention is not meet”)
    4. Request: be specific, use positive, clear and concrete request (“Would you be willing to exchange opinions while we have an argument?’)

    As you can see, the method is based on “I” and not “you”, reducing all the bias that generally follow those kind of communication.

    Can you add in an example please is it okay?

    I use NVC with so many of my clients with quite profound effect. Practice yourself to reach a new level of connection and intimacy…

    And a few final thoughts

  • D. Bullets of love:

    1. Be open to confrontation: don’t freeze out your partner pretending nothing is wrong
    2. Take responsibility: don’t blame it all on others, takes two for tango!
    3. Control your emotions: when it comes about relationships, it is easy to let yourself be driven by emotions, but don’t attack your partner
    4. Pick your battles: love is about balance, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. Chose when it is worth of your effort and energies.

    I really believe that using these simple tools can help us make the world a better place!


    Let me know if you agree or think I’m smoking crack!