December 16, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  • Esther Wojcicki is the founder of the Media Arts programmes at Palo Alto High School and contributed to the launch of the Google Teacher Academy.

    She’s also the proud mother of three successful women: Susan is the CEO of YouTube; Janet an anthropologist and professor of paediatrics; and Anne is the co-founder and CEO of genetics company 23andMe. These three extraordinary women reached the top with commitment, humour, plus a giant dose of compassionate parenting!

    Want to know Esther’s secrets for successful education?

  • 1. Lead by Example

    Want to instil positive values and sound principles in your child’s mind? Inspire them in the best way possible. Forget boring lectures about the importance of serving the community or being a good citizen! Esther showed her daughters how she truly cared. Teach your kids to care. In line with the adage - actions speak louder than words!

  • 2. Promote Independence

    Helicopter parenting – being overprotective or taking an excessive interest in children’s lives – is increasing and it’s easy for kids to feel they’re the centre of the entire universe. The results? As young adults they end up lacking independence, courage and perseverance. Often afraid to take responsibility, their only focus becomes money. Hence the generation of narcissistic addicts who don’t stick to the choices they make.

    Want to raise independent children? Guide them from a distance, be there when they fall, but let them fall and rise up again at their own pace!

  • 3. Freedom

    Make sure your children feel completely free to express their opinions, passions and interest as much as they need. Try not to be controlling. And try not to have expectations. Sadly, they’ll never be the perfect off-spring you dreamed about or watched in Hollywood, but they’ll be their own amazing little version of an incredible human being.

  • 4. Community

    Communities grow through the contribution of each unit. If everyone just sits around and talks, nothing gets done and nothing positive ever happens. Esther Wojcicki taught her daughters that they should invest in their community, care and give back.

    She says “Teenagers who volunteer with younger children suffer less negative moods and reduce cardiovascular risks. Moreover, teenagers who perform volunteer work are significantly less likely to engage in illegal behaviours and have fewer convictions and arrests between the ages of 24 and 34”.

    Empower your children to spend time contributing to their community: at school, in the neighbourhood and even online!

  • 5. Purpose

    The US is experiencing an epidemic of opioid addiction, depression and suicides. The most stressful country in modern society must learn how to let younger generations blossom and create smart solutions to oppose the general lack of purpose many of us suffer.

    The average 21st century human pursues money, fast cars and good looks. Not service, nor purpose. We tend to avoid key life questions such as “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose in life?” or “How can I express my truly potential?”

    When you’ve figured the answers out for yourself, encourage your kids to go scratch beneath the surface and ask all those massive questions of themselves too!

    Raising successful compassionate people isn’t rocket science. Being kind towards yourself and your children may sound like a small start, but such a solid foundation will certainly provide infinite possibilities to grow!

    Ready to pass on kindness to the future generations?

    Have an incredibly kind day,