December 16, 2019 | Andrew Stead
  • Kindness is our natural approach to the external world. In fact, we're genetically wired to be kind! Kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system, and can even be an antidote to depression. Science shows that being kind and compassionate is tremendously good for you!

    Check out the evidence-based benefits of Kindness here! [CLICK HERE].  

    And if compassion is amazing for your personal well-being, ever thought what it could actually do for your career and business? Here’s what the clever research says: 

  • i. Improved Productivity

    Maximise your productivity by increasing kindness! It's not really new news, but evidence suggests that toxic working environments have an extremely negative impact on productivity (Anijum et al., 2018). Creating a positive, compassionate team will help revenues skyrocket!

  • ii. Stress Reduction

    Want to make sure your colleagues and employees are calm and relaxed? Be kind one another! Being surrounded by kind and compassionate people relaxes even in the most stressful situations (Davidson et al., 2017).

  • iii. Job Satisfaction & Engagement

    We all want to work with highly engaged and satisfied people. Compassion and kindness are our best companions to create that enthusiastic, engaging and energising environment (Reizer, 2019)!

  • Utterly convinced? Here are my 5 simple ways to spread Kindness in the office to create that perfect, positive, professional workplace.

  • 1. Food

    Food is always a great enabler and one of the simplest ways to demonstrate affection. Bring lunch or snacks for everyone! Spending breaks together, gathered around food, snacks or a cup of tea, bring happiness and bonds teams. 

    2. Say Well Done

    When someone does something kind for you or anyone else, express your gratitude. Saying ‘Well Done’ or ‘Thank You’ in public can be one of the most effective drivers of positive culture. Try recall the precise detail with positive reinforcements. Being grateful makes us more optimistic and reduces negativity - and that's a huge reason to make acts of gratitude a daily habit. Try think about what you’re thankful for at least once a day. Prioritize gratitude and identify what you value the most: eventually it will become a natural mechanism.

    3. Random Acts of Kindness

    Be generous! Take the time to greet your colleagues with a sparkling smile, discover something new about a co-worker, or pick up the laundry of a stressed-out team mate. Make giving your new state of mind. It doesn’t matter what - compliments, support, kind words or material things. Be open to everyone, especially the annoying colleague who never stops complaining – we both know s/he needs it the most! And remember the law of karma: the more you give, the more you will receive!

    4. Celebrate Achievements

    Celebrating success is a key management tool however big or small your team. When we achieve a goal, whatever its size, recognize its accomplishment and celebrate how good it is for your team, your business and the world at large.

    Success celebration isn’t good just for the collective mood in the office – as well as feeling great physically, it reinforces the culture and performance you want to promote when facing new challenges or opportunities. Lead by example!

    5. Focus on Personal Growth

    Business may appear to be numbers and graphs, but we shouldn’t forget what’s really significant: the most valuable asset of any organisation is its people! Demonstrate the value you ascribe to the people in your team or business with annual reviews focused on personal growth rather than merely financial revenues. Encourage continuing education – we can all get better at something – and cultivating personal passions and hobbies – we all need to remember who we are, and of what community we are a part.


    Feel fully equipped to spread kindness in the office? You won’t regret it!

    Have an amazing day,