• So, of course you’re asking, among the millions of people out there, and hundreds if not thousands of ‘experts’, what’s my value-added during the Corona Crisis?

    Well, as you’ll see, my large corporate clients like to work with my unusual mix of experience that positions me perfectly to support business leaders during challenging times.

    For example, I helped Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp during the phone hacking scandal, Britain’s NHS during its economic woes and countless banks and financial institutions get back on track after financial crisis.   


    Over the last 10 years, I’ve taken my collection of knowledge and skills and become an sought-after expert on the subject of Resilience. How we deal with adversity, how we bounce back, how we stay strong and keep our heads. I work with organisations large and small to help their top leaders shine, especially during tough times. And I’m fortunate to work with many of the world’s largest organisations such as HSBC, Morgan Stanley, the UKs National Health Service and Experian.

  • - CLIENTS -


    And so that you’re clear on who your dealing with, here are a few comments from people I’ve worked with.

  • The session was a great opportunity to think out loud and organise my thoughts… it was not clear to me how to articulate what was going on, ultimately we got there and I found that to be very helpful

    – CEO Goldman Sachs, Singapore

  • Andrew has one of the most brilliant brains in the world and I am blessed to spend one hour with it each week. It is the best investment I have ever made

    - Martin, Former Trader, now Entrepreneur, Sweden

  • Insightful, trusting and thought provoking, I would be delighted to warmly recommend Andrew

    – Regional Managing Director, Cartier, Singapore

  • Here's an example of the Executive Coaching results with one of my FTSE100 C-suite clients who runs a $70mm business

  • To see what coaching can do for people watch Elliot’s story:

  • - WHAT CAN YOU DO? -

  • So what else can you do right now to protect your businesses, people, and loved ones?

    Well I’m offering a limited number of complimentary materials to support you in that quest!

    1. You must protect yourself and the key people around you. In times like these Resilient Leadership is more critical than ever before.
    2. I've put together another short video with more specific business actions to demonstrate business leadership in these challenging times. So please watch that too.
    3. If you’d like to experience my expertise first hand in dealing with your current situation, I’m offering a limited number of COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONS to help share my knowledge with as many leaders as possible during these challenging times. So if that sounds appealing, please get in touch directly.
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    Andrew Stead – Executive Coaching