Speaker, Writer, Coach

  • After Cambridge University and a decade at Goldman Sachs

    I set up a multi-million dollar environmental business before turning to the question of What Truly Matters?


    I founded Your Daily Bread to help individuals and organizations improve their health, wealth & happiness.

    I offer Speeches and Workshops on the 21st century challenges of Stress & Burnout; Motivation, Engagement & Retention; Productivity & Performance; Well-being, Resilience & Leadership.

    Drawing from east and west, ancient and modern, I take the best from science, wisdom, business and leadership to entertain audiences with my unparalleled mix of commercial and cultural experience, Well-being and Resilience expertise, and personal and inspirational stories.    

    I share the Knowledge, Tools and Results that truly work.  

    My Interventions are fun, entertaining and thought provoking, leaving clients reinvigorated and transformed.




  • “Andrew’s coaching had IMPACT! Years of high stress lead me through various coaching and self-exploration methods. My mind-set and life has changed dramatically for the better. I am calm and truly happy”

    Investment Banking Director, Hong Kong

  • “Insightful, trusting and thought provoking,
    I would be delighted to warmly
    recommend Andrew ”

    Regional Managing Director, Cartier

  • “Andrew’s approach is very very mind opening and challenges your standard
    approaches to the way you view, plan and react to everything in your day to
    day life”

    Richard, Entrepreneur

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