• “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind” – Patanjali 

    While doing many forms of exercise are good for the body, there’s a lot of speculation as whether some practices such as yoga can also benefit our mind.

    Much as I’m a yoga convert I’m also interested in fact-based intelligence. So, let’s see if modern science agrees with the grandfather of yoga!

    If you share what I’m about to tell you with your boss you might just get complementary yoga classes at the office!!

  • 1. Yoga Boosts your Energy Levels

    Is coffee your only ally when it comes to kick-start your morning? For a truly energising effect try ten rounds of Sun Salutations or some Breath of Fire and you’ll be unstoppable!

    Feeling agitated or tired in the late afternoon? A few minutes yoga practice will and energise your body and re-balance your nervous system.

    Science: Yoga boosts and recalibrates energy levels - Luu et al., The University of Waterloo, Canada, 2017

    2. Yoga Reduces Anxiety and Stress

    Anxiety comes with a full set of unpleasant companions - headaches, irritability, upset stomach, muscle aches, breathing problems, extreme fatigue, increased blood pressure, panic attacks and even loss of libido. Stress makes everything more difficult: digestion, sleeping, concentration, social relationships and self-confidence.

    Yoga can help overcome these physical and psychological symptoms, increasing positive mental and emotional conditions that improve our health, wealth and happiness.

    Science: 3 months of Yoga reduces stress and anxiety levels, decreases back pain, headaches and cortisol levels - Michalsen et al., 2005

  • 3. Yoga Improves Self-Confidence

    Resilience allows us to bend without breaking. Yoga will certainly help your flexibility - stretching and bending as much as you like. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

    A regular yoga practice will dramatically improve your ability to cope with stress, both in the office and in your home.

    Science: Yoga improves emotional well-being and resilience to stress - Hartfiel et al., 2011.

    4. Yoga Improves Resilience

    Self-confidence is what gives us the certainty to achieve great things, is what keeps us motivated and positive, is what leads us to success.

    Our Yoga practice puts us more in touch with ourselves: we become more aware of our body, our mind and our potential. And this mindfulness – together with the tangible benefits of yoga on our body – boosts our levels of self-satisfaction.

    Science: Yoga contributes to reduced social anxiety and increases a state of satisfaction, much more than exercise at the gym - Gammage et al., 2016.

  • 5. Yoga Improves Performance

    The success of any organisation is directly proportional to performance. The overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that Yoga will improve your focus, develop your concentration and even quieten that monkey mind!


    - Yoga increases concentration, awareness and memory - Joice et al., 2018

    - Yoga improves attention span and extend your productivity - Sheela et al., 2013

    - Yoga increases the brain’s cognitive functioning - Froeliger et al., 2012

    - 15 minutes of Yoga shows incredible results - Manjuna, Telles, 2001

    • Delta waves – associated with external awareness, empathy, body’s healing processes and rejuvenation - increase by 43%
    • Alpha waves - responsible for mental coordination, creativity, memory and concentration - increase by 58%
    • Beta waves – related to judgment, problem-solving and decision making - decrease by 18%

    Would you believe yoga was as good for your mind as it is for your body? So, what are waiting for? Jump on the mat and get your mind in great shape!


    Have a great day,