• Creating a new habit is always a sweet struggle. And that struggle is even more intense if it involves a very emotional and physical practice like yoga.

    Excuses and impediments are constantly around the corner: we are too busy with work, too busy socialising, too busy with life. “I’m too busy” is the mantra of modern age - and this is exactly where yoga becomes absolutely necessary.

    But how do we establish a solid and pleasant daily practice? Here are my secrets!

  • 1. Small, Regular Chucks

    You only have quarter of an hour before you meet your friend, your son comes back from school, or the assignment needs completing, how can I fit it in? What if I tell you that 15 minutes is more than enough to squeeze in some yoga. We had this chat at work just this morning! Find the bite-size chunk that works for you and commit to it!

    Regular practice is the key to build a habit and make change happen. It really doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours - after all a tiny bit of yoga is better than no yoga!

    2. Sweet and Simple

    When we think of yoga, the first image that comes to mind is usually a ballerina-type contortionist impossibly wrapping her limbs around her own frame. And let’s be honest, if you’ve ever been to class, you stared at those very people thinking “not in this lifetime!”

    Injuries to your ego as well as your body are bound to happen if you’re only interested in putting your leg around your neck! Yoga is not for putting your legs over your head, it is enjoying the journey.

    Treat yoga like Italians treat their pasta - don’t overcook it! Keep your yoga practice simple, listen to your body, accept your limits and appreciate all the benefits!

  • 3. Be Creative

    While keeping it simple, I encourage you to use your yoga practice as a way of exploring your creativity!

     Your meeting finished later than expected and you’re rushing to a birthday party? No problem! What about practising mountain pose (tadasana) standing on the tube? It’s great for strengthening your pelvic floor and balance!

    Having a long day at the office? Rather than eating snacks and drinking coffee how about a few moments of chair pose (utkatasana)?

    Ready to bed but your minds not interested in resting quite yet? Try corpse pose (Savasana) and you’ll be asleep in no time!

    You don’t need the perfect situation to practice, sometimes all you need is some creativity!

    4. Yoga O’clock

    Whenever your yoga practice is at home or at your favourite studio the biggest risk is that you skip it because you get too occupied or concentrated with your activities. Again, life is busy!

    So, how’s about choosing a fixed time of day and setting an alarm? It could be to rise earlier in the morning and start your day with a bang, or any other time to break your routine and bring in some fresh air. We set reminders for the dentist, the hairdresser and the accountant, so why not for your practice?

  • 5. And the Winner is…

    An ice-cream may be your reward for a tough gym session. Or a nice long beach walk after a tough day in the office. Or you’re dealing with trauma and crave a good glass of red?

    Make yoga your reward! Forget about comfort food, alcohol and the other coping mechanisms we use. Yoga will make you feel much better than all of those put together! Instead of feeling you must do yoga before eating that slice of cake, maybe yoga could be the ultimate prize to overcome all the unpleasant feelings in your body and mind.

    There’s a great dose of true self love!

    Now you have all my special tricks and tips to give you a solid and rewarding daily practice, now take your mat and gain the benefits that yoga has to offer!

    And in case you’re still in two minds, in the next blog piece, I’ll lay out just some of the benefits yoga offers. Sweet!

    Have an amazing day and an amazing practice!