• Success starts in your mind. How many times just changing your attitude towards your results has led you to a great accomplishment?

    The human mind is such a powerful tool that can transform everything. Why can’t the same mind that has conceived trains, airplanes and space shuttles, conceive ideas to take you on the most beautiful journey you could ever imagine?

    Nowadays we are so concentrated on the outside, that we forget to look inside. We always expect external events to make and keep us happy, successful, strong. But the real power is right there inside you: your brilliant, beautiful brain!

    Quantum physics has demonstrated that the basic building blocks of the Universe become waves or particles depending on the expectations of the scientist doing the experiment (Weizmann Institute of Science, 1998). So, if observation can truly influence quantum reality, imagine what we might just achieve if we decide to face everything event in life with a positive mind-set!

    Create your own reality, the way you always dream of, starting NOW!

  • 1. Negativity, who?

    Our subconscious mind cannot process, and thus cannot even recognise, negativity (Brown, 2010). 

    If you say to a small child not to do something, that’s exactly the first thing she or he will attempt to do. Or in my case, not such a small child! It doesn’t mean the rebellion of adolescence has kicked in way too soon, it’s just how our brain works!

    This shows how our true nature is positive and affirmative. So maybe it’s time to live according to our true self? Try to identify negative thoughts as soon as they arise. Observe them and switch your mind to a positive one. This is a Tool I use called Opposition Thinking!

    2. Clean it up!

    We need to get rid of negative thoughts, conscious and unconscious. Don’t beat yourself up over the bad experiences, don’t be attached to them. Instead, make space for more good things in life to come.

    Ever experienced being so angry during a fight you can’t even understand what your adversary is saying? Or been so stressed about work that your mind obsesses over it, even while watching a movie?

    Emotions and thoughts programme the brain to perform specific actions (MIT, 2016), so until you get rid of negative thoughts your brain won’t have enough space for the good ones!

    Same applies for negative people! Would you spend time around something that makes you feel exhausted, agitated and miserable? I bet no! So, keep negative people and energy far away.      

  • 3. Play hard, play hard

    Remember the feeling of freedom you had when you were a child? Being an astronaut, traveling the world in a hot air balloon or becoming a successful athlete: everything seemed possible and achievable.

    As we grow up, we start to think that play corresponds to loosing time and that our imagination is merely a diversion from reality that keeps us in an unreal world.

    On the contrary, science shows us that our imagination keeps us focused on a specific goal and helps our brain to find a path to achieve it (Hétu et al., 2017). It’s basically like setting your subconscious navigator!

    Remember the person you were as a child: playful, confident, imaginative!

    4. Happiness is the Key

    Fredrickson’s broaden and build theory shows that positive emotions broaden your sense of possibilities and open your mind, which in turn allows you to build new skills and resources that can provide value in other areas of life.

    During an experiment (Fredrickson, 2004), when asked to write down activities they would like to engage in, people previously exposed to negative images – such as fear and anger – could list considerably fewer than people previously exposed to images evocating positive feelings.

    Create more situations in your life that are making your heart reverberating with happiness and contentment: go for dinner with your closest friends, enjoy that book, have that ice cream!

  • 5. Spread the World

    Notice how we are drawn to positive people and prefer to avoid negative ones? In the same way, if we keep a positive attitude, we will be more likely receive help and support than if we are complaining all the time.

    Evidence demonstrates that we affect and are affected by the people we meet, through verbal and nonverbal communication, thoughts and feelings (Totterdell, 2000).

    Keeping your mind-set positive and uplifting will benefit all the people around you, at home and in the office. Create your happy place, starting with you!

    Wishing you a fabulously positive day,