• You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength – Marcus Aurelius

    To keep us clear of the threat of sabre tooth tigers and the like, our ‘old brain’ – the limbic system - is far more sensitised to negative, threat-related information than positive. So firstly, we need to compensate for our natural negativity bias. And secondly, we can learn to create our own, positive reality, the way we always dream of, by starting NOW, and attracting positive things back into our life.

    Hence, here are my 5 Perfect Payoffs from a Positive Mind-set!

  • 1. Healthier Body

    Our mind and body are very closely linked. The brain has more powerful relationship effects on our body than we often think, especially in some specific aspects of our health.Ever had the flu straight after a super busy or stressful time at work? Or suffered an upset stomach after an emotionally challenging conversation? I certainly have!

    Science proves that people with a positive set of mind have a stronger immune system and are better prepared to battle bacteria and viruses (Superstorm, Sephton, 2010).

    This could also be the reason why higher levels of good cholesterol were found in people who developed positive thinking as a habit (Boehm et al., 2013).

    When it comes to take care of our hearts – both emotionally and physically – our mind-set plays a more fundamental role. One American study demonstrates that people with higher levels optimism have 73% lower risk of heart failure compared to people with a negative mind-set (Kim et al., 2014), suggesting that those with a positive mind-set also follow a healthier lifestyle, often eating healthier food, exercising more, and managing stress better.

    2. Healthier Mind

    Ever felt suffocated from a spiral of stress and negative thinking? Overthinking everything that could go wrong? In every possible way?Science shows that when we adopt the habit of thinking positively we’re able to cope better with stressful situations, overall stress levels will be lower, and our confidence higher (Lightsey, 1994).     

  • 3. Longer Lives

    If you’re enjoying the ride, the journey will certainly become longer!

    According to a Dutch study (Glitzy, et al., 2006), people with a negative mind-set are 55% more likely to die during the nine-year follow-up period since “people who are optimistic are more committed to their goals, are more successful in achieving their goals, are more satisfied with their lives, and have better mental and physical health when compared to more pessimistic people” (Segerstrom, 2017).

    4. Forever Young

    Better still, research suggests that when stretching our lives out, older people appreciate their lives more - they are 80% less likely to suffer functional problems, such as less mobility, falling, and incontinence (Paterson, Warburton, 2010)

    5. Success

    But most potent of all – a positive mind-set helps us be more successful! Success is what we’re all chasing across multiple life domains, such as social relationships, health, wealth, work and marriage. But is it that our happiness is responsible of our success or our success responsible for happiness?

    According to evidence (Lubomirsky et al., 2005) the happiest people owe part of their success to their optimism and positive attitude since “when people feel happy, they tend to feel confident, optimistic and energetic and others find them likeable and sociable. Happy people thus benefit from these perceptions”.

  • As you see, a Positive Mind-set plays an important role in everyday life. I just mentioned some benefits, but how to put it in action? Look out for my upcoming posts to see exactly how we can translate that science into practical steps, to change this negative wiring into more positive one!

    Have a great day,