• BLOG | 5 Articles that Explain the Importance of Women in Business

    March 4, 2019 | Blog | Andrew Stead
  • For me the issue of supporting Women in business is not about equality or numbers, but is a philosophical question of how we want our world to look: Imbalanced, competitive, unequal or positive, cooperative and resilient? In my opinion, redressing that balance, supporting women, will quite simply make our world a better place.

    The link sounds tenuous? Here are 5 interesting articles that will give you a better understand of what I’m talking about:

    Don’t Underestimate the Power of Women Supporting Each Other at Work - Harvard Business Review, 2018


    Together we are stronger. Yet sometimes our society is putting us under so much pressure that we forget how stronger we can get while we support each other. 

    Two-thirds of women say they’ve been bullied in the workplace, not by their male colleagues but by another woman. The so-called “Queen Bee Syndrome” (Harvey, 2018) is the adult version of you high school mean girl nightmare! 

    This article suggests also suggests the antidote: support, compassion and deep connection to other human beings. 

  • How else can we support our female colleagues? 

    The new Mexican revolution? Women-only workplaces– Ozy, 2018


    Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest jobs going – I should know! The unspoken risk is loneliness, fighting against that mysterious enemy. And perhaps being a female entrepreneur in a male dominated business world is even more isolating. And this is why I am so enthusiastic about this article! 

    Co-working spaces can be stimulating, important growth places for the independent digital nomad or entrepreneur. So the project described here makes me smile - seeing bright women being there for each other and contributing to each other’s development is very inspiring. 

    My extra tip: some regular collective meditation could deepen the connection and the trust of these communities. 

  • Babies at work: will onsite childcare become standard in offices? – The Guardian, 2016


    Our nuclear families have evolved so much that their basic mechanisms have completely changed. Only a few decades ago, barely any man would proudly declared to be a stay-at-home Dad. Kids and household chores were firmly the exclusive domain of women and being someone’s wife was the main job of most females around the world.

    3 of my mates are stay at home Dads and I’m super proud of them and what they stand for!

  • However this powerful progress in gender equality creates other concerns – and this article asks: ‘who is taking care of the kids?’ The most thoughtful, creative and balanced organisations are finding ways to support their co-parenting families with innovation and a positive attitude.